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We’ll help you collect 100% of your production revenue, month after month! With our streamlined billing processes, we can help you increase your collections by 30%!


Reduce insurance aging… and get more money from your insurance.

You’ll free your staff up to deliver better, friendlier patient service.

We’ll manage claim denials to help maximize reimbursements.

We’ll help make sure that money isn’t stolen.

Your front office needs to be well-organized.

We can help your office in other ways, such as by verifying insurance, billing patients who owe money, and offering dental practice accounting services.

Service would be a tax deduction for your company.

We’ll take care of all of your billing.

Your office staff needs to stay focused on making sure that everyone who walks through the door has a great experience.
After all, you can’t grow your business without online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our main focus and area of expertise is in collecting payments from insurance companies.
By putting all of our attention on claims, we hope to give our clients the best service in this area, which is where we have the most experience.
We have recommendations and partnerships for people who are interested in verification and patient billing, and we can help you set up services with our partners.